The best Virtual Reality Games!

Do you remember the first PC games? Or maybe the first time you held a Nintendo or Sony game console when you were 7 or 8 years old? Well, gaming has come a long way since then. We present to you a comprehensive List of the best VR games. If you are looking for Best VR Porn Games (NSFW) click the button below.

VR Porn Games (18+)

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In the last 3 years, it has taken some big leaps into Virtual Reality and games, as we know it, will never go back. Today, you have the privilege to immerse yourself in game environment rather than get red-eye from looking at your computer or TV screen.

VR Porn Games (18+)

Today, you can just turn your head around, to see who’s got a gun to your back and not press any buttons. Today, you are THE gamer and not just someone pressing a few buttons. And all of that is purely because of Virtual Reality and what companies like Oculus, HTC, Google and Samsung have done for it.

With that, top game developers and studios took the jump and started bringing out hot new games that works in the VR environment and ‘virtually’ alters your ‘reality’. Since, your gaming experience has changed for the better, it only deems fit that you play only the best VR games. Let’s take a detailed look into the best VR games today which offers the most surreal and immersive gaming experience.

Note: This list includes games that are multiplatform compatible and run on more than one headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR, Google Daydream, Google Cardboard and PlaystationVR. If you’re looking for VR games that run specifically on only Rift or Vive or PSVR or Samsung Gear VR, we will be updating those posts shortly.

VR Porn Games (18+)

Arizona Sunshine 

Arizona Sunshine offers a unique VR experience where the gamer traverses across zombie infested lands. Teleportation seems to be your preferred mode of transportation, allowing you to cover great distances and enjoy the surreal scenery that VR has to offer.

You find yourself handy with weapons but unlucky with landscape as you land in midst of a zombie apocalypse. It is a first-person shooter game is exactly the kind of game one would expect in VR. In addition, the experience sets itself apart and looks like the natural extension from normal 2D games to virtual reality environment.

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Batman: Arkham VR 

Well, well! Batman Arkham is one of the most popular grey superhero characters in history and given the hype around the Justice League movies, it great timing for a Batman game in VR. The game operates in first-person view as you suit up, get on the bat-mobile and fight the criminals of the night that infest Gotham. The dark knight of Gotham is now on your VR headset and lucky you, you get to be the Batman!

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Eagle Flight 

When I said that VR has changed gaming forever and we can never go back, I meant specifically experiences like Eagle Flight. The game literally offers you the ability to fly across rivers, mountains, cities, through forests, buildings and so much more. You are the Eagle in the game and you spread your wings open to learn how to fly, glide through open airs, catacombs, trees, famous monuments, fight opponents and enjoy mesmerizing views.

It stands to reason that Brian Albert from IGN rated Eagle Flight a 7.6/10.

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Elite: Dangerous 

This game is a blast from the past, as it continues the Elite franchise from the first version that was released 30 years ago. It depicts a universe that works in truly multiplayer mode, meaning you would not only be playing with friends but actually with thousands of other people around the world. It lets you explore the galaxies, trade with others and engage in dangerous combat. Take your starship and experience a new universe where you chart your own course, fight your battles and explore the galaxy.

elite dangerous dogfight vr game

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Eve: Valkyrie

Here’s another chance to fly and it comes in the form of Eve – Valkyrie. Show-off your dogfighting skills and establish yourself as the true ‘maverick’. Fight the nasty pirates and arm your torpedoes as you traverse through space to a new world. This is a first-person view game, so you see yourself seated in the pilot’s seat of your fighter. Enjoy being the Top-Gun of the new galactic era.

At this point the game looks more like an arcade game and happens to be less realistic than others, but then again long-term exposure to violence isn’t good either, ?! 

eve valkyrie vr game

Play Eve: Valkyrie on Steam


Although the game is still in early access, it already has earned rave reviews and rated quite well. It’s a co-op shooter game and suits the positioning of the VR headsets well. For all those with a craze to bust some alien arse, here’s your chance. Suit up with your friends, pack your weapons and get ready to fill some lead giant alien insects. Are you the best bounty hunter on Planet Fortune?

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Hover Junkers

Hover Junkers lets you engage in gunfights with almost anyone. This is a multiplayer first-person game and your focus is to wade around the waterless Earth in your Hover Junker, fight others and refit your junker. They tried to add realism to the game, by letting you physically walk, duck, flip the bird to your enemy and may be even shoot yourself in the head.

For those looking for a crazy VR experience to just be yourself and experience madness in VR, where there are lots of guns, Hover Junker is for you.

Hover Junkers vr game

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Job Simulator

Based in the year 2050, Job Simulator simulates what it would like to have a job. Why? Because there are no more jobs around since AI has replaced all jobs. So, you basically can only know what it likes to have a job in a simulator – makes sense

It is laughter riot! Extremely funny and entertaining game. In fact, without a shred of doubt, it is one of the best VR games currently out there. There are around four jobs which can be simulated – office worker, gourmet chef, store clerk and auto mechanic. It’s currently rated 7.5/10 by Dan Stapleton on IGN and 9/10 on Steam.

job simulator best vr game

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 

This is a really interesting game! While there are lots of games which are extensions of the what’s already available in 2D or 3D, KTNE (Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes) is a fresh new concept. You have to play this game with your friends, but you are the only one wearing the VR headset.

You are trapped alone in a room in the VR environment and there’s a time bomb ticking away. Your friends are the only ones who can defuse it and you have to listen to them instruct you how to save yourself. Very interesting, full of suspense and one of the best VR games.

keep talking and nobody dies vr game

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew 

How many times have you seen Star Trek and thought if only you could have been Kirk? Well, you still can’t be Kirk, but you can be the Captain on the new Star Trek game and even bring your own crew. This game needs no introduction and the fact the such franchises are being brought to VR and only increase the fanbase.

Explore the universe, its galaxies, help out other planets and counter enemy movements in your peace-keeping mission to safeguard this universe. Embark on a new voyage with Star Trek – Bridge Crew on VR.

star trek bridge crew vr game

Star Trek: Bridge Crew